Cipreses de Curridabat, from the Servicentro La Galera
1.5 km north, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2272-5464, (506) 4036-3580

School Organization

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Students from a school that belongs to SEK International Schools, must follow certain common norms. Some may seem strict though others too flexible; however, all of them are important.


A school, like any human community, must have certain organizational references that allow us to know the right course of action we should take in every moment, for it keep in mind the motto of the school, "Sapientia Quod faciendum FACIAM" which translated into Spanish You remember: "Do what you must wisely" They respond to the need to properly organize coexistence for the benefit of all students, teachers, service personnel, managers, among others.


Any human activity must have solid bases of thinking to ensure efficiency and framework in a way of life perfectly structured. Otherwise, our actions, made anarchically, will not have a full sense and its results will be lackluster.


The SEK College is a small society. Respect yourself, your peers and teachers, and the need for a common work, require the establishment of rules. You have a say to review the rules and modify them if necessary, but you should always meet in effect.


Teachers and students live in a physical framework for many hours. Therefore, we cherish the following details:

• Everything in its place

• Respect the plants and gardens

• Cleaning yards, corridors and classrooms

• Care and maintenance of furniture

• The climate in the school grounds should be calm and silence

• Attendance and punctuality

SEK student becomes in this way an active and creative element, enriched and enriching others with his action and the school becomes a source of great satisfaction.



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