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The importance of new technologies is unquestionable today. Thus, the immersion in the digital world is a priority for the school, which not only contributes to this by teaching Computer Science, but also integrating it as a tool to cross learning other subjects.

Since our opening, this school has always used the most innovative and cutting-edge tools that has had at hand until today. This has made of SEK Costa Rica, a great school.

Please refer to the use of new technologies in education in our country.

In this way, our students are in contact with all the new tools that technology offers. As proof of this technological breakthrough, the SEK has modern facilities in which any visitor can see both technological applications put at the service of education, and the safety and comfort of our students.

In addition, our digital structure has elements such as:

Permanent Internet connection 24 hours, through an ADSL line of high capacity.
An intranet that connects all computers in the school together.
A virtual classroom is equipped with computers, interactive whiteboard and a multimedia projector.
All our classrooms, in all grades, have whiteboards art.
2 portable carts with a total of 60 iPads distributed in Primary Education.
Abundant technological and computer equipment.
Wireless (WiFi) that allows the widespread use of portable computers both in the classroom and outside it.
Consultation grades: Through the website students or their parents can check their transcripts. This site has all kinds of information related to school and a forum where students and teachers can exchange documents and papers of all subjects.
Content Filter: Access to computer resources is controlled by users and custom passwords for each student as well as the Internet access that is done through a content filter to ensure that only access to educational resources.
Software: You also have access to a wide variety of software subjects, always advised by teachers or specialists in the field.
Email: Students and teachers can request to have an email account by which hey communicate with students from other schools in our institution. There are also chat and video conferencing services that enable the establishment of discussion forums and knowledge about diverse cultural and educational issues.

Currently, Moodle is also  used in the school. It is an interactive virtual platform, adapted to the training and used to complement and support the teaching work in different schools worldwide.

Moodle allows to present a wide range of information resources (in text or tabular format, pictures or diagrams, audio or video, web pages or Acrobat, among other documents) as well as interactive activities for students, such as assignments, tests , polls, forums, etc.

Project iPad 1: 1

From 6th to 8th primary secondary, our students develop the school work in their own iPad. All this through digital and interactive books, web platforms and a range of innovative applications that the center provides each student to develop their daily tasks. A clear commitment to innovation within school life.

In turn, other courses will continue to enjoy a large number of iPad devices belonging to the College to carry out different activities in the classroom. With this, we remain committed to early training in the use of technologies to access knowledge.


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