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1.5 km north, San José, Costa Rica
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In order to encourage the participation of the families of our students in the school activities, developing an effective educational process, as stated in our institutional guidelines, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the following committees  that certainly will result in a closer communication between those who integrate the educational community:

Collaborative School Committee:

The mission of its members is to help teachers taking care of the students during the field trips organized by the school, to participate fully in the proper development of the selected activity.

Family Sport Commission:

The members of this committee will be responsible for organizing various sports competitions involving students and parents, rewarding the winning teams. 

Safety Commission:

Even though there is an existing one at school, we want to provide a greater number of participants in order to improve the achievement of the safety objectives.

International Commission:

Its purpose is to promote international and multicultural character at our schoolr, making efforts to raise awareness of the culture and traditions of different countries. Families of different nationalities that belong to our school can participate as well as those interested in participating in national activities that promote international understanding.

Professional Commission:

Its purpose is to gather periodically as a group of parents from different areas representing the world of work, so they can inform and help our students understand the requirements and characteristics of the various professions.

To properly organize the formation and development of these Committees, the College has appointed Ms. Mayte Calvo Coordinating Committees Parent, who will attend to your requests for additional information and if you are interested in joining any of these committees, we ask to carry out the formalization of your registration via e-mail

Dear Sirs:

Guiding the academic and personal development of children and young people is vital for their proper personal development. That is why the School Tutorial system allows proper guidance and monitoring of students. Tutors are the ones responsible for the orientation, the right advice and proper communication between family and school.

According to our educational project, the most delicate role in the educational process is fulfilled by the tutor who after empasizing the methodology of teaching and learning of this institution becomes the link between the students, teachers, and parents.

For this reason and according to the personal needs of the student and his or her grade level,  parents will be called for conferences about three times a year. The frequency of these conferences may vary depending on the student's specific needs as well as how often the family requires them. They will also keep regular communication with the tutor through other means offered by the school: school diary, emails, etc.

I am pleased to inform you about the list of tutors corresponding to this school year and the day they will be available to assist you. You  may request a conference through the school agenda whenever you feel it necessary.

Similarly Mrs. Alejandra Jimenez Navarro Preschool and Primary Coordinator, Mr. Ronald Ramirez Gamboa, Head of Studies (6th to 11th) will be gladly assisting you for any further concern.


Best regards,

María Mironova

School General Principal




Maternal A Mabel Ureña
Maternal B Julieta Jiménez
PreKínder A Nataly Aguilar
PreKínder B Alejandra Vargas
Kínder A Laura López
Kínder B Victoria Mata
Kínder C Layla Mora
Preparatoria A Ana Ruth Moraga
Preparatoria B Ruth Molina
Preparatoria C Ana Ruth Moraga
Primero A Maureen Sanabria
Primero B Maureen Sanabria
Primero C Cindy Díaz
Segundo A Mayté Calvo
Segundo B Ericka Solís
Segundo C Alejandra Jiménez
Tercero A Andrea Loría
Tercero B Rocío González
Tercero C Adriana Mesén
Cuarto A Andrea Loría
Cuarto B Karen González
Cuarto C Patricia Araya
Quinto A Gloriana Barrantes
Quinto B Patricia Araya
Sexto A Adriana Fernández
Sexto B Marcela Castro
Séptimo A Silvia Calvo
Séptimo B Minor Castro
Octavo A Cindy Solano
Octavo B Minor Castro
Noveno A Desirée Sauma
Noveno B Ileana Calvo
Décimo A Ileanan Calvo
Décimo Pre IB Jennifer Burke
Undécimo A Jennifer Burke
Undécimo B Ronald Ramírez
Undécimo IB Geovanny Cordero



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