Cipreses de Curridabat, from the Servicentro La Galera
1.5 km north, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2272-5464, (506) 4036-3580

Dining area

Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Servicios, Comedor Dining area


Menu 2019





In our school. we know that different factors affect the academic and physical performance of our pupils' well-being. A healthy and balanced diet promotes good results, so every day we strive for our students to be well fed in the school dining hall. We accomplish this by compiling a good menu rigorously controlled by our Department of Health and cooked with the greatest hygiene and dedication. The menu is sent quarterly to parents.  In this way they know what their children eat at school and what to prepare them for dinner at home.

In our dining service we are interested in making their children feel at home and so we offer several dining options. Every day we surprise them with a varied menu consisting of two entrees, salad bar and two types of refreshments. As we know  our students preferences, on the last day of the week we make Fast Food main courses. For those who like fast food, what a better way to welcome the weekend than tasting some burgers, hot dogs, fries, burritos, pizza and ice cream? We also provide our students  special diets for those who need them: soft, low calorie and vegetarian. At lunch there is cold water, milk, bread and soft drinks available to students each day. They are also given a snack during recess time.

Our dining room is subject to strict and rigorous plan food handling and bacteriological tests in both the raw materials, cooked food surfaces where food is processed. Le us not forget, of course that both dining drinking water sources are distributed around the various facilities of the school. These tests are performed every month by an external laboratory hired by the school.


No doubt parents can feel confident knowing that their children are eating a healthy, varied and balanced diet. 

Carolina Camacho
Services Dept.


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