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Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Servicios, Seguro Insurance

Student Insurance
College provides students accident insurance. All SEK College students are protected by an accident insurance policy that covers 24 hours a day, anywhere.
Tuition Guarantee
As you are aware, the fact that our school is part of the International Institution SEK, allowing their children to complete their studies in any of the schools integrated in it, in case of death of the economically liable students.
For all our children come first and therefore, the organization has developed systems to ensure as far as possible its future stability and continuity to school an unexpected circumstance. The following additional guarantees covered by the delivery service that the College all students are summarized.
Title: is listed as the economic responsibility of the student (or parent) at the annual registration form or registration. The maximum allowed age is 60 years.
Beneficiaries: students are enrolled in college, dependent of the Contractor, the date of death of the same.
Coverage: This warranty is an additional service offered by the Centre in the cost of tuition itself (formal education) and covers only the value of tuition, student tuition and meals during the school year.
Benefits begin after the declaration of death of the holder, until the end of the normal school process of the student (without repeating course) in the school they attend. Under no circumstances will the school ensures continuity in a school that is not part of the International Institution SEK. Also no financial compensation of any kind will be given in the event that force majeure service no longer provided.
The guarantee will be granted after analysis of the circumstances and requirements that occur in each case, for which, the College may request information it deems appropriate.
Exclusions may not grant the aforementioned benefits:
1. In cases of disease of a serious nature Owner or existing terminal to enroll first students at the College.
2. In those cases where the Contractor fails to be aware of payment of all receipts issued by the school.
3 When the teaching contract linking the Holder with the College is not in force.
The school reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the benefits, coverages and exclusions that offers this service. The economic leaders will be duly informed of such changes.


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