Cipreses de Curridabat, from the Servicentro La Galera
1.5 km north, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2272-5464, (506) 4036-3580


Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Servicios, Biblioteca Library

The Library of International School SEK Costa Rica has a collection of more than 3,800 bibliographic samples, including both, classical and contemporary literary works. It is constantly  trying to assist students from all ages. Many historical, artistic and scientific documentaries are also in DVD format and can be accessed by the school community.


- Home loan: The loan is extended for a week, with the possibility of renewal for another period.   Students can use this service ranging from first grade through eleventh.

- Projection room with interactive video projector.
- Group study room.
- Online digital catalog.
- Black and white/color printer.
- Photocopying.


Digital catalog


In the Online Digital Catalog, you can search by author, title, summary or you can mixed search (eg author and title, or author and subject). Depending on what will be carried out should fill the search box and then click "Search". To search by author, you can search for the name of it. If you do not remember the whole name or do not know how to spell, type only the root or principle of the name.


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