Cipreses de Curridabat, from the Servicentro La Galera
1.5 km north, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2272-5464, (506) 4036-3580


Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Servicios, Transporte

Our school bus service consists of 28 routes by which 70% of the students travel. The fleet of buses and minibuses covers the greater Metropolitan Area of ​​San José and nearby cities (Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago, Santa Ana and others).

The school offers a door to door service.

Safety is our priority. So, in addition to a qualified and experienced driver, a passenger assistant takes cares of the students.

In the technical and maintenance aspect, we go beyond the official and mandatory checks; our Head of routes ensures daily maintenance and cleanliness  of each of our vehicles.

Our school also offers the service of peripheral routes to students who stay during the summer courses during the holidays.

Undoubtedly our students arrive at school on time, and comfortably return home. Parents will feel sure when choosing our transportation service since their children will be safe from leaving home until returning home in the afternoon.

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