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Cambridge Examinations


Once again our students have successfully taken and approved their Cambridge University English Proficiency Examinations. It is important to point out that these examinations test all relevant language acquisition areas and; therefore, aspects such as writing skills, oral performance, listening skills, and reading comprehension abilities are of upmost importance. 

Our students have been evaluated under Cambridge standards in three definite levels:  Sixth Grade with the KEY Examination, Ninth Grade with the PET Examination, and finally Eleventh Grade with the FCE Examination which will give them the opportunity to position themselves within the European criteria of English proficiency.

The Cambridge diploma not only grants students an advantage when applying to universities abroad, particularly in Europe, but also strengthens students´ performance and success when using English in any given context.

Right now, we have received the results of our last group of 37 students who took their PET Examination last March, and we achieved a 100% promotion with students ranging between B1 and B2 in the before mentioned European frame.

We truly hope that this bond between SEK-Costa Rica and the University of Cambridge continues to grow and last over time to provide our future generations the best preparation in the English language acquisition process.


Mr. Ramírez

Head of Studies/Cambridge Coordinator

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