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Feria Multicultural 2019


Our SEK community is holding its Seventh Multicultural Fair.  This is a rather looked forward activity since it represents our very nature: diversity, tolerance, and respect.  It is vital for students to experience these values from their early stages to incorporate and root them deeply into their consciousness.  In an ever changing world, we must make it our commitment to make our youth understand that differences bring us together and build bridges among wide-ranging samples of customs and traditions across the globe.

This year, the fair will welcome fourteen different countries from the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Participants will be able to enjoy cuisine, music, art and many more cultural manifestations.  Both students and teachers as well as many enthusiastic families have been working hard to offer the best experience.  


Mr. Ramírez

Head of Studies

Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Noticias


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