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Science Fair 2019


SEK Science Fair 2019 was an amazing event. The thought of having a special occasion dedicated to scientific questions, social experiments, crafts, and more is just wonderful. 

This activity includes a lot of teamwork, which helps students get to know their classmates better. The process of the science fair, the question, the hypothesis, the objectives, and the rest of aspects to do include a lot of work, which helps the students become more independent and hardworking.  The Science Fair groups presented their work at the end of their project and were judged after being selected. Then, after some time, the winners of the science fair will be revealed. 

This activity is very important for students’ education, since they learn to set an objective, and work to achieve it.


Diana Chaves Villalobos

6th Grade Student

Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica - Noticias


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